10 Celebrities You Might Not Have Known Were Young Mums

10 Celebrities You Might Not Have Known Were Young Mums

I’m usually pretty good at noticing subtle little hints about celebrities ages and their children…I do super quick maths (or use my calculator when working out birth years and ages at the time of birth) because I LOVE uncovering well known women who were young mothers. To me, it’s all about bringing them to you to share them in a relatable, you’re-not-the-only-one-who-did-it-young kinda way.

I have tons of celebrities written down but in my research I surprised myself with who I discovered were actually young Mums!

So check it out, I hope there’s a few little surprises in there for you too!

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10. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Oh those Spice Girls days. I was a die hard Spice Girls fan and even started my own tribute band called “The Spicey Girls” when I was 10. 10 you guys! And we even got booked for a few (cough- unpaid) performances.

I do vaguely remember the fuss in the papers about Posh Spice and David Beckham getting together and when they got married, their little son was their pageboy. Vicki Becks was 24 when she became a first time, super glamorous, Baby Mama. Needless to say she went on to build a Beckham empire through her marriage and venture into motherhood.

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9. Louise Hay

Louise Hay

Some of you might have heard of this powerhouse name or know her by the many books that are published under her publishing company: HayHouse Publishing. HayHouse is one of the largest Self Help & New Thought publishing brands and even runs a very popular radio broadcast show called HayHouse Radio. Louise Hay became a first time Mum at 16 and actually ended up giving up her baby girl for adoption.

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8. Princess Diana


I love Princess Diana so much. She was such an inspirational and kind human being whose heart and priorities were in the right place. I’ll never forget the tragedy of her death, even at a young age. I knew the world had lost an earth angel. Aside from Diana’s public charitable work, in her personal life Diana became a young bride at 20 and a Mum to Prince William at 21 and Prince Harry at 23.

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7. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

One of my favourite actresses! Even though Reese had started a career in acting before becoming a Mum, she really hit her stride after having her children. She was a first time Mum to her daughter Ava at 23.

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6. Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner

Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying the smarts and willpower it takes to turn your family’s everyday life into a billion dollar industry. I’m guilty of enjoying watching The Kardashians (but I don’t watch much TV these days) and I guess you’d have to start young if you’re going to be a mother of 6 future-mini-millionaires. Kris had Kourtney at the age of 23.

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5. Adele


This beautiful singer is very good at keeping her private life private. We haven’t heard from her in awhile since she became a Mum to her baby boy at 24.

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4. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara

I loooooove Sofia (please say that in her gorgeous Colombian accent). Sofia Vergara who is hugely popular from the show Modern Family, became a first time Mum at 19. I secretly love that her and Reese Witherspoon teamed up to do the movie Hot Pursuit recently #gobabymamas.

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3. Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin and Son Kecalf

One of the world’s most successful singers became a first time Mum at 14 (although there is speculation that this was earlier). She had another son shortly after her first and her family raised her boys for her while she was touring the world and making record breaking hits.

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2. Roseanne Barr


Some of you might not remember Roseanne. But if you’re a 90s kid like me, you’ll remember her face from the hugely popular tv show Roseanne. She gave birth to her daughter at 17 but gave her up for adoption (reuniting with her daughter years down the track).

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1. Oprah Winfrey


I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me that whether you lose a child or not, it doesn’t take away from the fact that you are a mother. While Oprah doesn’t talk much about her experience as a young, pregnant teen, when she has talked about it she says that she felt no connection to her child whatsoever and that she feels her life would have been very different from her life today had her son survived. She gave birth to a baby boy at the age of 14 and he died shortly after in hospital. As we all know, Oprah went on to be one of the most powerful, strong female figures the world has ever seen (and I am a huge fan of hers).


Baby Mamas Colours


So there you have it folks, were there any surprises in there for you?

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