Hey young mama.


You are beautiful just the way you are. Like a diamond in the sky.

Yes, you. Whole heartedly, spine tingling-ly, shiny and twinkly YOU.

Whether you have ever felt doubt or uncertainty or fear in your situation. Or ever dealt with criticism, judgment or negativity for being exactly who you are. You have the ability and power already existing within you to make your life as sparkly as possible. And nobody can take that away from you – least of all a child.

If you’re feeling more diamond in the rough than 10 carat sparkler right now, that’s ok. Because you know what? You’re probably human. And you’re probably facing a lot of challenges that are common for a young mother.

If you need someone to remind you of your awesomeness in a loving way and take your hand when you feel alone or fearful or doubtful – my arm is outstretched and my hand poised and ready to give you a little squeeze that says I’ve got your back. I’ll dust off your halo, I’ll mend your angel wings and I’ll sure as all heck fight in your corner every day of the week. And remind you of your twinkliness with plenty of reference to Sia lyrics.

You are the driving force behind what I do and why I do it. So let me tell you a little bit more about me;

Rox-Bio-colourMy name is Roxanne Ford and I’m a writer, a mentor, a soulpreneur and bursting-with-love cheerleader for young mothers in their teens to early 20s. I guide women who started parenting early out of the illusion of fear and confusion and into the diamond clear clarity of personal power and possibility. I remind them that their future is bright and they have so much potential in themselves and their children.

I believe we are all capable of making our life exactly how we want it. That people who are guided, uplifted and supported to see their greatness, go on to do amazing things with their lives.

I believe in protecting and supporting young Mothers who need it because they can be vulnerable on many levels. They are faced with greater personal challenges; judgment, abuse and criticism from strangers (or loved ones), higher rates of perinatal depression, homelessness, financial struggles or domestic violence as well as greater risk of interruption to their education with little support or encouragement to continue it.

+ I also believe:

  • We all have a yearning to belong, a desire for community and connection to like minded souls.
  • That the most important love affair we can ever have is with ourselves.
  • That there is nothing wrong with being a young mother. You are not dirty or shameful or unworthy of being a parent.
  • There is nothing greater than belly laughing with your children. Running free and wild and giving permission to the child inside you to play.
  • Exploring. Seeking. Asking. Learning. Curiousity. Being present in every moment.
  • That the glass is half full. Of bubbly champagne.
  • That your home is where your loved ones are.
  • That we should honour ourselves and each other for being exactly who we are.
  • In setting our skeletons free. Calling out our fears. Saying no to our inner mean voice. Releasing anything that holds us back like a balloon in the wind, to never return.
  • That one person can change the world. That you can.



Rebel With Plenty Of Cause


Me aged 20 with my daughter.

In that delivery room the moment my daughter was born; my heart was beating and pulsating a combination of awe and hope and slight disbelief through my veins. My life wasn’t over.

My head was still full of ambition and thoughts and eager to learn and I could still hold an intelligent conversation. No way.

I still had opinions and fears and dreams about raising my daughter as a parent. That had nothing to do with what strangers or doctors or nurses made me expect from giving birth at a young age. I couldn’t believe it.

But what was most unbelievable was how some people treated me for being a young Mum. I was an almost teen Mum. Pregnant at 19 and giving birth by the time I was 20. By the time I was 22 I had another baby because that’s how life panned out and I dove headfirst in. I never felt that I wouldn’t be able to achieve everything I set out to do and I knew that I would be ok.

I rejected the label bestowed upon me of the stereotypical ‘young Mum.’ That wasn’t me. Nor was it the majority of young Mothers I knew.

Who had any right to make me feel bad for being exactly who I was?

Who had any right to shame me for being a young mother? No one.

I was raising a Goddamn human – and that ain’t no easy feat. And I could never understand why people wanted to make it harder for a young mother by constantly reinforcing the expectation of failure.

I’ve heard it all:

“You’re too young to have a baby”

“You’re a baby having a baby”

“Did you forget to take the morning after pill?”

“You should be traveling to Europe/out partying with your friends/ doing-anything-other-than-being-who-you-are-right-now”

“You must be the nanny”

“Are you the nanny?”

“Are you the nanny?”

“Are you the f*&king nanny?”

BUT. With buckets of love and a great sense of humour to boot, I have a different attitude towards any misguided judgment or criticism these days.

I’ve found my mojo with this young parenting gig and have my feet and head solidly in place with where I want to go and who I am. Because I’m whole heartedly proud of what I stand for.

It’s true that no matter who the group in society is, there are always a minority who may fit the negative stereotype. But I can’t help but wonder how many in that minority could go on and do great things if we were just a bit kinder to them and more supportive of helping those who need it. People have a funny way of living up to their expectations of themselves and the labels we give them.



“Kindness costs nothing. Sprinkle that sh*t everywhere.”

The Birth Of Baby Mamas

Despite my rebellious streak in life, going against the grain and popping out TWO babies by twenty-two like it ain’t no thang, I did start to feel a little battered. I was hopeful and ambitious but learnt to carry the teeny tiniest bit of self doubt.

I really needed to connect to someone I could relate to and went searching online for hope. I needed proof that there were other young mothers out there who went on to achieve their dreams after having kids at a young age.

I wanted to hear that it was possible to go back to studying and further my education. I wanted to hear some kick-arse story about a young Mum who was told she’d fail at life and went on to create a successful business/forge her own amazing career path/ shove it to the haters in a loving way just by doing great things with her life, with her babies by her side.

I struggled to find what I was looking for so I decided to create it. And most importantly I decided to live it.

I knew I wasn’t the only young Mum who needed that reassurance from time to time. And the power of community and connection to others in the same boat as you is phenomenal and so important to have when you feel isolated or alone.

Click here to read about some inspiring young mothers studying or working around raising their children.

It was a long pregnancy and a seriously long labour. But Baby Mamas was finally born. And it’s here for you and exists just for you. This is your baby. And with it I plan on reaching every Baby Mama around the world.

Baby: Defn (noun). The youngest member of a family.

Mama: Defn (noun). A colloquial term for a mother.

I’m on a mission to redefine our views of a young Mother and to spread a universal message of hope and love to any young Mother who needs it. I may be older now but whenever I see or hear about a young Mum struggling to do her best or being criticised for being who she is, it resonates with me. I was her. I am her. And I don’t want her to ever feel like she’s alone.

+ If you are:

  • Currently a young mother in your teens or early 20s
  • Older now but had your first child in your teens or early 20s
  • Wanting to feel like a diamond in the sky that lights up her own life, everyday.
  • Inspired by people who are forging a life of their own, against the grain.
  • Motivated by people who are studying or creating businesses around challenging personal circumstances.
  • Interested in health and wellness; recipes, tips, a better way of living.

This blog is for you.


Time to Shine Bright Like A Diamond


So are you ready to bloom like a sunflower? Spread your wings and fly like a butterfly, unabashedly ashamed of being who you are? Shine bright like a diamond and force everyone around you to rock a pair of sunnies because you’re THAT Goddamn sparkly?

You know that you deserve something bigger and better. It’s in you and it’s raring to go.

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