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Introducing the only online magazine for the Modern Young Mama..

Here’s what I know about the young Mum who will LOVE her free copy of BRIGHT:

She is bold.

She knows her future is bright.

She is beautiful. For being exactly who she is.

She loves a good laugh.

Or cry when the time is right.

She yearns to be more, do more, seek more.

She wants connection with others, just like her.

She wants to be understood.

She adores her children. A d o r e s.

She probably shops online.

And lusts after adorable baby clothes.

She’s not afraid to ask for help if she needs it.

Or to take risks for the right things.

She wants financial freedom. And to be a bonafide #MoneyGirlBoss

She values her self care (or knows that she should).

She loves a cuppa and 5 mins alone time.

She is you. And she is me.


Baby Mamas Colours

Shining BRIGHT

So what can you expect with every issue of BRIGHT?

Cover Girls:

Young Mums who have a whole lotta inspiration to share with the world.

Feature Stories:

There’ll be a juicy article or two (or three) just for young Mums. BRIGHT will speak-a-your-language. Your desires, your fears, your unique challenges – it’ll all be covered.

Real Young Mum Life; No matter how crazy, heartbreaking, uplifting, out there, or unbelievable the tale, BRIGHT will give you a platform and a voice to share your story.

Pregnancy & Birth stories; Your experiences and perspective as a pregnant or birthing teen through to the young 20-something mama bear.

Regular Features:

The BFF Corner; send in your questions on anything and they’ll be answered by a panel of rockin’ young mamas and guest experts.

Soul Sista; Think spirituality that translates to the Modern Young Mama. Who doesn’t want a lil help and inspiration from the magical and mystical ways of the universe.

Confession Booth: A safe space in e-magazine land where you can confess your (hilarious) crimes against PERFECT MOTHERHOOD. I have got some corkers in here.

Out of the Mouths of Babes: All those funny one liners your mini comedian comes up with? They’ll be featured here.

MILF on the Street: Dissecting a famous young Mum’s style for the budget conscious (super stylin’) young Mum. It’s tar-jayyyy darling #target.

Baby Got Style: The cutest lil fashion finds for your mini babes.

Book Club: A collection of books that are inspiring and uplifting for any young Mum.

Femme Finance: Tips on finance, budgeting, Centrelink, spending, saving and everything in between for the financially savvy young Mama.

Recipes: Delicious, yummy, tasty meals to inspire your kitchen.


Baby Mamas Colours

I’m Bold. I’m Bright. I’m Beautiful. And I want in.




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