Inspiring Baby Mama – Meet Kerrie

Inspiring Baby Mama – Meet Kerrie

Hey Mamas,

I”m so happy to introduce you to this week”s amazing Inspiring Baby Mama. Kerrie became a first time Mum at 19 and is now 45. Her eldest son is 26 and to this day Kerrie credits having the most wonderful relationship with him; “we still talk everyday on the phone, he makes me laugh so much and I am so, so proud of the man he is. The bond we have is the greatest and I cannot wait to be a Grandma so we can do it all again.”

I love hearing that Kerrie was still motivated and ambitious after becoming a Mum and went on to work and fit her baby into her life. In Kerrie”s words below, here is some of her inspiring story as a young Mama:


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I gave birth to my son Brodi when I was just 19.

I had to grow up pretty quickly when I was a teenager due to nursing my mother with a terminal illness. As a result, when I found out that I was pregnant I felt I could easily cope after having had to cope with the loss of my mother. I had a strong family support network, lots of friends and knew I could provide for my baby and bring him into this world with a caring, loving environment.

As a young mother I didn”t face too many hurdles/challenges. Yes, there were times that being young and having a baby constricted me a little however the best advice I was given was from a male nurse in Shoalhaven Hospital on the South Coast (where I was raised) who said to me;

“Kerrie, dont let this child run your life. Make sure this baby fits into your life.”

It was an amazing moment for me, I have never forgotten those words. I took my son everywhere, he was the most social young man online casino and could hold a conversation with an adult very early on.

As I was only 19 when I had Brodi and was a very motivated and ambitious young woman, I returned to work quite early on. I settled Brodi into a fab little day care centre on the South coast and began a career in Radio. I was the co breakfast radio host at a regional radio station. I would start work at 4am (writing news before my on air duties). I had a nanny who cared for my son while I was working and this arrangement worked really well. I found that Brodi adapted well to all situations/environments extremely well.


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Looking back on my parenting journey I wouldn”t change anything.

My first born is one of my greatest achievements along side my next two sons who are now nearly 18 and nearly 17. Brodi is now 26 years old, newly married and a first home owner with a great career. Having him was the best decision I ever made. There was no other alternative for me.


Kerrie IBMKerrie”s three boys.

The advice that I would give to other young mums is to let your baby grow with you.

Ensure they fit into your life and don”t ever listen or take on board any negativity or “no you can”t”. Yes you can. You have been given a gift, love that precious gift to the moon and back.

Thank you so much for sharing your story Kerrie.



Baby Mamas Colours

Do you know an amazing young mother who has an inspiring story to tell? Maybe they are older now and have a lot of wisdom to share with other young Mums. Maybe they completed study, forged their own career path or started up an incredible business. Maybe they experienced something life changing that they’d like to share. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear from you! Hit me up on the contact page here.

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