Inspiring Baby Mama – Meet Kimberley

Inspiring Baby Mama – Meet Kimberley

I’m so pleased to share with you this week’s Inspiring Baby Mama – Kimberley! Absolutely one of my favourite segments on Baby Mamas (along with Studying Mamas and Working Mamas) by far because I love sharing other young Mummy’s inspiration with you.

Here’s Kimberley’s story in her own words. Thanks so much for sharing your story with the Baby Mamas community Kimberley.

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“My partner and I met in August of 2011 and in December of that same year I was told I had 5% chance of falling pregnant naturally after having half of my cervix removed. This brought the issue of having children to the forefront of my mind. My partner and I had only been together a few months but faced a huge decision on our hands – what if it didn’t work between us? I mean we hardly knew each other!

As we both came from separated families and have seen the heartbreak of separation first hand, we decided to try for a baby anyway and agreed to be amicable if we ever did split.

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By March 2012 my period was late but I didn’t have a positive pregnancy test. Later that month I was crippled with pain and heavy bleeding which I put down to coming off the pill and my body regulating. As it turned out, I had experienced a miscarriage.

A month later in early May we were pregnant again. We were over the moon and told everyone that would listen as there was no containing that joy! At 10 weeks however I felt a sudden rush and was bleeding. I contacted my doctor and he sent me for an ultra sound straight away as he thought it may have been an ectopic pregnancy.

Luckily the egg was implanted in the right spot and our baby had a heart beat! As over joyed as I was, my partner missed out on seeing our baby for the first time. He never missed another appointment after that.

12 weeks came and went and so we thought we had made it to the ‘safe zone’. At 16 weeks I was in the kitchen making cupcakes when all of a sudden I felt a huge gush again. I thought my waters had broken before realising that it was in fact blood. There was so much of it. We rushed to the emergency room convinced it was another miscarriage and were whisked into a private room to have an ultrasound. Maroondah hospital were amazing and even though they weren’t equipped with a maternity ward, they found a heart beat. It still makes me emotional thinking about it.

After that first incident I bled at 23 weeks, 29, 35 and 36 weeks – always having to go to hospital (as I also have a negative blood group). After 26 weeks I had to stay for up to 48 hours for monitoring and by February 11th 2013 at the age of 23, I delivered a healthy baby girl!

My following pregnancy we waited to tell family til 12 weeks. I still bled and was in and out of hospital but it was much calmer. My doctor said I was just a bleeder and it can happen and isn’t always a sign of miscarriage. Not every pregnancy runs by the book and I think it’s really important for young Mums (if not all Mums to know that!)

After my challenging pregnancies, the biggest challenge I have faced as a young mother is others thinking my judgement for my children is wrong because of my age. I am so lucky to have a supportive partner reminding me that “Mama knows best” (which always helps if I forget!)

Looking back on my parenting journey, the only thing I’d change is that I’d sleep more when I only had one child! Haha (seriously…)

After I had both my daughter and son (via c-section) I returned to work after just three weeks. I would keep them in the room with me while I worked as an eyelash technician. In the past few months I have become a national trainer for Elleebana teaching treatments such as eyelash extensions, lash lifts and Sleek Brows and I love it!

My advice to other young Mums is to find your passion and don’t ever think that being a Mum will stop you from achieving it!”

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Kimberley kids

Kimberley daughter

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You can check out Kimberley’s business Allure Boutiq through these links (perfect for Melbourne based Mummy’s!):

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  1. So proud of this familynnot only do they love their family but they are a joy and regular visitors to us their grandparents and very proud great grandparents …well done to you both your children are a delight ????
    Love Grandma….Joan

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