Inspiring Baby Mama – Meet Shani

Inspiring Baby Mama – Meet Shani

I love getting stories like these! They fill my heart up with pride and help support my message of ‘SEE gorgeous young Mama! You can complete your education or start a job or do anything you damn well please around your babies!’

Enjoy this week’s Inspiring Baby Mama story and thank you so much for sharing your story Shani <3

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“I became a first time Mum at 16. Like most young mothers I faced a few challenges. I had to overcome the fear of being a mother to a child when I still felt like I had so much growing and learning myself to do. It was also a challenge to give up my everyday activities of dance and sport to enter the world of parenting as a single mother, finishing school and battling with depression but I managed to do it.

I fell pregnant in May 2011 whilst I was in year 11 at high school. I carried on with schooling as per normal, studying 5 O.P subjects and a Certificate II in Community Recreation right up until I was 37 weeks pregnant.

I gave birth to my son Braxton in November 2011, then returned the next year to complete year 12 as per normal. I successfully completed year 12, picked back up on interschool sport and dance, then graduated with my friends and cohort November 2012. After graduating high school, I carried on to university the following year studying a Bachelor of Business fulltime – which I’m ecstatic to say I am 1 week away from graduating! Whilst studying fulltime at uni, I have 2 casual jobs working for local and state government and an internship in my field of study (which I love and has allowed me to fly around Australia for work!) In addition I’ve guest spoken at schools on teen pregnancy. So you can say it’s been one hell of a journey. I am also about to launch a business in children’s Room Décor!

Looking back on my young motherhood journey, there are definitely things I will improve or do/won’t do next time around. Battling depression was extremely difficult whilst being pregnant, I wish had more of a positive outlook on pregnancy and life and lived more in the moment. For my son’s sake I wish I could have been around a lot more when he was a baby, instead I knew I needed to finish school. You live and you learn!

Shani's Story 1Shani’s adorable boy Braxton!

My advice to other young mothers out there is to use your core values to set healthy boundaries. Listen to your gut feeling when it comes to making decisions as you know what it best for your situation. Don’t feel guilty about heading back to school or work, own it! Be ambitious, educated and inspired, set goals for yourself and your little one and most importantly have self-love. We plant the first seeds in our children’s minds, so set great examples.”

Shani's Story 3


Amen gorgeous girl and thank you again for sharing your inspiration with the Baby Mamas community. Congratulations on everything you’ve achieved and for having such strong self belief in your own abilities. You are an absolute star!



Baby Mamas Colours


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