Kind Words

These are just a snippet of some of the beautiful messages I receive from people who have been touched by Baby Mamas:

“Thankyou. Your page is so motivating. Thank you for giving all of us something to confide in and connect with. And something to turn to when days are not going too well. Bless you..” G.C

“Well done on Baby Mamas, you are a great contributor to this planet for the better…” L.N.B

“… just wanted to say I love what you are doing! I was/am a young mum and there were no websites like yours when I needed it.

Hopefully now people know about your page there can be less young Mothers struggling on their own…” N.J

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It’s amazing how something you write about can change the thought of others. You should be proud of what you do…” L.A

“Oh God, Roxanne. I just stayed up to watch the encore of The Project…you were so poised and beautiful. I’m so proud of you for being a voice for young mums. Thank you! (I’m bawling my eyes out) well done…” A.E

“ Thank you especially to you Roxanne. Your work to help other young Mums push through the stigma associated with teen pregnancy is amazing, you’re an inspiration and I hope your work can keep helping other ladies to achieve a better life..” K.H

“You do us young Mummys proud…” L.M

“ I want to congratulate you on your fantastic website…You are an inspiration. As a Youth Worker who works with young mums it is wonderful to have such a great website to link them in with..” T.E

“Your site is amazing & well done because young mothers can do a very good job at raising their children. Society needs to hear more positive stories about young mothers..” M.F

“…I always felt I had to do everything twice as well and twice as much and still I was never considered half as good. The stares, the judgment, the comments etc. You know the drill…Younger mothers have a much more difficult road and deserve our respect and admiration. Keep up the good work, it’s so great what you are doing…” J.S

“…I felt compelled to send you this email. I believe what you have done as a result of your circumstances is amazing. Giving young mothers hope and somewhere to turn to for knowledge and support is truly inspiring. I myself have been prejudiced towards young mothers in the past but as I’ve learnt more my attitude has softened and changed…it’s also great to see you educating yourself and not only making a better future for you and your family, but also serving as what is possible for your children and anyone who has the privilege of meeting you…” J.P

“’s nice not to feel so really do feel so isolated at times! Pregnancy, birth and being a mum has been the most amazing experience ever and I couldn’t be more proud of myself but I wish I felt the love from other people.. I need the support. Thank you for your website, I will come on here next time I’m feeling alone..” E.P