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The Project: Baby Mamas is still a baby (we’ve only just turned one!) but we have been lucky enough to feature on one of Australia’s highest rating TV shows The Project. For Mother’s Day in 2014, The Project ran a story on how things are from a young Mother’s perspective and I was honoured to be interviewed for it and to have Baby Mamas high beamed to the whole of Australia. Approximately 494,000 people tuned in to the episode that night. Here is the video snippet below:



Business Chicks: With over 32, 000 members, Business Chicks is a thriving online community of women who believe great stuff happens when women come together to uplift and inspire each other. Here’s a link to that article here.

Published writing

The Huffington Post: A huge online newspaper and blog covering a range of topics with over 10 million followers on social media and millions of readers from around the world each month. It was a dream come true to be featured here. You can read my article “10 Life Lessons Hitting Rock Bottom Has Taught Me” here.

Tiny Buddha: A beautiful space in cyber land that inspires people with simple wisdom tips for complex lives. With close to 2 million followers on their social media networks combined and over 4 million reader views a month, the opportunity to feature here was awesome. You can read my post on the beauty of simplicity (and most importantly, the art of here.

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Kind Words

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Roxanne Ford is a writer, a mentor, a soulpreneur and the creator behind the popular Baby Mamas; a bursting-with-love support blog for young Mothers in their teens to early 20s. She’s on a mission to create inspired change in the lives of young women who need it and to lend a voice to those still finding theirs.

She guides women who started parenting early out of the illusion of fear and confusion and into the diamond clear clarity of personal power and possibility. She reminds them that their future is bright and they have so much potential in themselves and their children.

Around raising two rockstars, you can find her on any given day planning her next gypsy adventure, sitting barefoot in the sun with a notepad and pen or by the beach with her babes.

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Guest Posts

I would love to be considered as a guest writer on your blog or media publication so let’s talk.  Topics of interest that I love writing about; Health + Wellness, Self Love, Spirituality, Parenting and anything that impacts being a Young Mother in the modern world (including political and societal influences).

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Our universal Mission Statement is S.H.E:


  • To provide an online platform for Baby Mamas to join our virtual family and meet other young mothers through our private Facebook group.
  • To provide advice and practical goal setting.
  • To reinforce positive thinking.
  • To help Baby Mamas find direction in their lives.
  • To ignite passion and dreams for a healthy soul.


  • To encourage healthy thoughts; healthy minds.
  • To recognize the signs of Perinatal Depression.
  • To provide nutrition and fitness advice for young mothers and their babies.
  • To provide information on pregnancy and birth.
  • Sex education.


  • To encourage Baby Mamas to finish or start their academic education or embark on training and gaining qualifications for careers that aren’t down the academic route.
  • To understand their current situations in full.
  • To give general information on their legal rights and avenues as a parent and partner within relationships (including custody issues) applicable to Australian Family Law.
  • To inform Baby Mamas of their government payments and what they’re entitled to while they work or study.