The Bloom Series – My Pregnancy Loves

The Bloom Series – My Pregnancy Loves

Hey Mamas,

As I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy (which I can’t believe just by the way!) I thought I’d share some of the things/products/services I’ve LOVED since being pregnant. As you know, pregnancy is a very unique journey and is different for everyone but here are some of the things I’ve enjoyed along the way:

Mocha Frappes


I have no idea why but even when I was very sick at the start of my pregnancy (you can read more about that here) I LOVED the smell and taste of coffee. I’m not a big coffee drinker and certainly wasn’t before this pregnancy buy all of a sudden I couldn’t get enough of it (once I got past the vomiting stage). I get decaf if I do have a coffee craving but my favourite has been mocha frappes as a treat – especially being pregnant over summer!

KORA Organic Skin Care


I got a gift box set of this for Christmas and I absolutely love using it on my skin. My skin goes a bit koo koo in pregnancy (mainly super sensitive) and I find these products gentle enough to use and love their subtle fragrance.

Manis & Pedis

Manis & Pedis

I haven’t had these anywhere near as much as I should be but there is something so nice about being pampered by someone else. Especially when you can’t reach your own toes. I couldn’t stomach the smells of nail polish up until 20 weeks but I plan on making sure my nails are lovely & polished for the big birth day.

Getting My Hair Done


Same with getting my hair done. This I have kept up over the months because it’s one of the very few things I enjoy doing for myself. If I’m going to look like an exhausted, frazzled woman who’s just given birth (mainly because I will be an exhausted, frazzled woman after giving birth) at least my hair will be on point.


Roxanne_111 crop

(Photo credit Linzie Russo Photography from my Maternity Shoot)

This has only been a recent part of my pregnancy care but I wish I started doing it sooner. I’ve had trouble with a sore lower back/tail bone and it’s helped so much. It’s gentle and just right for my body. If you’re experiencing aches and pains in your pregnancy definitely look into some gentle care to help you whether that’s physio, osteo, chiro, yoga, acupuncture, etc.


Green Smoothie

These deserve an exclamation mark !! (or two) Again, because I’ve been pregnant throughout spring and summer, smoothies have been the perfect way for me to get veggies in and enjoy a nice refreshing drink. They fill me up and taste delicious and there’s enough variety in recipes to satisfy my ever changing pregnancy cravings/taste buds.

Fertile Mind Products

Fertile MindPreg Pillow

Halfway through my pregnancy I was fortunate enough to test out some fantastic products from Fertile Mind before becoming a Brand Ambassador (because I loved them). They have been such a God send for most of my pregnancy. On some cooler nights, I couldn’t believe I could get away with wearing my old skinny jeans thanks to the Belly Belt (never thought I’d see that day in pregnancy), the Belly Bra is super comfy and supportive on my achey back, the Bando is almost a daily staple to my wardrobe (I have to wash it in between!) but especially in my third trimester when tops keep riding up and I want to have my peek a boo belly covered without worrying about it hanging out. And I love my new Milk Bar pillow which will be great for feeding this little bubba but is also a great addition to my nest of pillows to sleep with.

Maternity Underwear

Pregnancy Photo

I don’t remember ever buying maternity underwear in my first two pregnancies, in fact I was a bit slack about it and suffered through with ‘normal’ undies (*gasp*). I can honestly say that since introducing my ever expanding toosh this time around to the beneficial comforts of stretchy, breathable pregnancy shaped undies – it has been AMAZING. If you want low cut comfy ones I recommend these from Fertile Mind (as well as their seamless bras for oversized sore boobs as pictured above). If you love big comfy nanna undies that have a maternity band to go over your bump – I recommend these ones from Target.



(This photo was taken last year in Byron Bay. Fun fact; it’s the Tea Tree Lake and is a known sacred spot. Years ago, local indigenous women used to give birth here)

Drinking it, floating in it, bathing in it, showering in it….can’t get enough of the stuff! I’ve been SO hot and bothered on some of the really humid days and don’t have air conditioning at home. So whenever and wherever I can get some cool water in or on my body – it has been an absolute delight this pregnancy.


Jaxon Sleeping

(My little sleeping buddha baby no.2)

Even though it is hard in the later stages of pregnancy to get ANY sleep (currently suffering through this) – the best part about having older kids is that while they’re at school, I can catch up on some zzz’s as much as possible before the new storm of sleep deprivation arrives!

Gathering Information

The Water Birth Book

(One of the books I’m reading at the moment)

You’d think that once you’d been through pregnancy a couple of times, there isn’t too much you need to look up or know. But one thing you can pretty much count on with pregnancy (and in particular, subsequent pregnancies) is that NO one journey is the same. I have experienced a lot of things in this pregnancy that I didn’t the first two times around and I’ve also realised that I want to research as much as possible anything new to me that I might be interested in. Some examples include, looking into placenta encapsulation, delaying cord clamping and having an active birth and using water as an aid (my first two births I had epidurals stuck in a bed but I really like the idea of being more physically active and listening to my body this time around). It’s been great to ask questions, read books and online articles and to just feel really proactive with my birth and pregnancy choices. It makes me feel really empowered.

And last but not least – my absolute favourite: The Handy Arm

Handy Arm

Also known in my family as ‘the claw.’ I’m seriously so in love with this gadget. It makes my life so much easier because I’m finding it incredibly hard to bend down and pick things up. Definitely the best $9 I’ve ever spent and if I can keep it safe from harm (a.k.a my children) I plan on using this even with a newborn babe in my arms.

So what about you? Are there any things in particular you’ve loved during pregnancy? Any great pregnancy products you swear by? 


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